I am a person of many interests. I like learning how things work, so I studied and became an electrical engineer. I also like creating stuff, so I studied and became a software developer. I think it’s fun to know a lot of languages, so I learned a few. I like good food, so I learned how to cook it.

As you can already see, what I mostly do, is learning. This takes a lot of time and there’s the risk of learning a lot but not in depth. This is why I’m considering information technology and engineering as a priority.

This lead me to study in a technical school and then continue to a technical university, where I’ve made software development and electrical engineering into my profession. Now I’m a Software Developer and try to create applications, which not only work, but also do so for a long time.

I believe that once engineered, something should not be recreated every five months. Improved, yes. Maintained, yes, but not full-time. I need some time for new stuff too.

I deny the status-quo where it is not good enough. The food, where I live is bad? I’ll make my own! The keyboard I work on makes my hands hurt? I’ll make my own! The software I work on is bad? I’ll rework it! No one knows how to develop software? I’ll teach them! That’s one of the reasons I created this blog.

I know the quality of the products we make depends on our knowledge and our ability to communicate. And unfortunately, I think, both things are currently a problem in our world.

What I am going to try with this blog is to address these problems at least in the world of technology. I’ll be writing articles here, which explain programming concepts, act as tutorial for a programming framework, or, from time to time, explain physics concepts and engineering techniques. Further, I’ll try and explain how to create things in a way, which other people understand, and use properly, instead of abuse unknowingly.

I hope you enjoy my articles! You can start from here: https://geneshki.com/